Pakistani Bridal Makeup Trends 2013

Pakistani Bridal Makeup Trends 2013 - Makeover is the essential element of a perfect look. Without a matching makeover you won’t be able to create that intended impression. Even the slightest of the flaws in your makeup can switch you from one look to another so it is very important to hire the professional beautician who can make out of you what you want!

Pakistani fashion industry holds one of the finest beauticians on the planet earth. Their work speaks for their grip on their profession. Each detail, crease, smudge, hues, contouring, the creation of attractive eyes and glowing cheeks brings out the beauty inside you.  So today we bring to you the masterpieces of these artists which add up as a milestone in the success of Pakistani fashion industry. Bridal makeup is considered as most difficult and professional one as it is matter of bride’s most precious moments of life. Pakistani bridal makeup is also difficult in sense that there are so many thing included like heavy dress, heavy makeup, jewellery and much more. Some of the professional and sound makeup artists are as below.

Sabs Salon:

One of the most famous and appraised salon is Sabs Salon, situated in Karachi and is doing it best creating the exotic beauties on earth. The work is splendid and the perfection of their artist can be calculated through their pace. Within minutes you became a ravishing bride, may be this is the reason how they are keeping up with the pace of the other artists.






Khawar Riaz:

Khawar Riaz needs no introduction. He is a photographer, a hair stylist, a makeup artist and what not. He has been associated with the fashion industry since the previous century. He gained his first ever award in 2002, that was the Lux Style Award. When it comes to a glamour photo shoot or a model makeup or a hairstyle for ramp khawar is there!







Annie of Alle’nora:

Annie Mansoor’s salon Alle’nora is one of the benchmark in the history of makeup in Pakistan. Annie founded this salon in 1993 and till then Alle’nora is ranking on the top due to its flexibility in adapting and grasping currents trends of makeup. Alle’nora always keeps up with the changing times and creates the distinctively beautiful brides.








Babloo the owner of babloo salon is that bubbly looking guy who creates the ravishing and glamorous looks which stay in the industry forever. Babloo is known for creating models out of normal girls and he does that just so perfectly. Babloo works with a passion and a never giving up force, his aesthetics and imagination is worth awards.  Some of his beautiful makeovers are here.



Depilex-8 Babloo-Fashion-makeup 364981_1353260655 Makeup-Styles-and-Pictures-by-Babloo-8 Babloo-Makeup-Styles-17

Depilex by Mussarat Misbah:

Depilex by Mussarat Misbah is an ever green, ever jam-packed and ever creative salon, which has been working and inspiring since 30 years from now. Mussarat Misbah is considered as the makeup tycoon for being so incredibly hard working and successful.



Founded in 1980 as a parlor it has now grown up as a spa, cosmological clinic and a salon, with thousands of trainees working under the professional staff and has earned associations with foreign institutes. It is running 25 centers throughout Pakistan.

Ather shehzad:

The intellectual of makeup and designs creates the mesmerizing bridals and has been awarded this year again as the designer of the year, like last year.


images (2)ather-shahzad-brides-1

Ather shehzad has introduced to the industry the perfect look by being a designer for his models along with a makeup artist and a fashion photographer. He is not just a makeup artist, he is a makeover artist, a fashionista!


Enough for now, I’m sure these artists will keep adding their bits to the triumph of our industry and will keep creating the jaw-dropping gorgeous brides!

Till next time, stay beautiful!

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